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I'm Samuli Haverinen

Full-Stack Web developer and Freelancer

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Hi! I'm Samuli Haverinen. An experienced web developer, software architect and consultant. I'm very familiar with Microsoft .NET framework, modern client-side frameworks and both SQL and No-SQL databases. I've built a bunch of websites running in the cloud, participated in product development at startups and consulted some of the biggest companies in Finland.

My skills

Microsoft .NET, C#, ASP.NET 11 years
Agile development 9 years
HTML & CSS 11 years
SQL and No-SQL databases 9 years
JavaScript 10 years
User experience design (UX) 7 years

Recently I've worked with these...

React Angular .NET Core MVC & Web Api REST JWT TypeScript Node Vue.js Aurelia SASS Git SQL Server Postgres Entity Framework Azure Webpack Fusebox Docker Functional Programming Visual Studio Prototyping Material Design Scrum TDD


Here are a few projects that I've been working with lately. The list isn't comprehensive so please ask me for more details!

Oma Etsin


Search portal for used photography equipment

With this (Finnish) website you can easily and efficiently search for used camera gear from lots of different websites. I built this website some years ago as I (as an photography enthusiast) found it extremely laborous to search through a lot of websites for the same equipment. The website got a really nice response from the community and gained popularity. It has lately been redesigned with the latest frameworks to match the requirements of today.

React, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Microsoft Azure, C#, REST, JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap, SASS, Webpack


Applicant Tracking System was a SaaS website used by companies to manage their whole recruitment process from creating a job ad to making the final recruitment decisions. The idea was to provide a high class user experience for both recruiters and applicants and make it possible for the whole team to participate in the recruitment process. Unfortunately the service was shut down at the end of 2015 due to high competition.

ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Microsoft Azure, Bootstrap, LESS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Durandal JS, Knockout JS
Shutter Critic

Shutter Critic


A photo critique community

Shutter Critic was a website aimed at photographers who wanted to improve their skills by giving and receiving critique from others. It got a very positive response from professionals and other photography enthusiasts but it never reached enough users to make it profitable in the long run.

ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Bootstrap, LESS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Knockout JS

My Journey


2 years as freelancer

Two years as a freelancer and I've had the honor to work with a bunch of super ambitious companies. Together, we've built new products and services from scratch that are now serving thousands of end users. I'm also trying to find some time to contribute back to open souce projects.


I found Neatbit Ltd.

I'm eager to share my knowledge, learn even more and help companies deliver world-class web services. I found a company called Neatbit to help my clients reach their goals and exceed their growth targets.


I become an entrepreneur

I fulfill my long desire to become an entrepreneur. I feel eager to learn new things and take ideas from the beginning to the end. I do a lot of web development but my days also consist of marketing and customer service relating to a few SaaS-products.


I work at small startup

I get to experience the true startup spirit by participating in the development of a biotechnology SaaS application running in Microsoft Azure. I learn incredibly much about both front- and backend development, UX-design, testing, project management and devops.


I get my M. Sc. degree

I finish my studies at Aalto University. My master's thesis is related to event centric architectures and CQRS as well as how they can be used in the development of product configurators.


I consult big companies

I start working for a Swedish software consultancy company and during the years there I consult over a dozen big Finnish companies. I'm responsible for the development of complex web applications and get to learn everything from databases to UX-design to improving teamwork.


I get to know .NET Framework

I take a job at an IT-company that operates in the energy sector. I get to do software development and test automation mainly with C# ja PowerShell.


I get into software development

I get excited about programming when 12 years old and develop software for fun in several languages.


I release my first ever software

I used to play a lot of table tennis when I was young so I wrote a software that helps in organizing competitions. Immediately after the release it proved to be a huge success and almost all clubs in Finland adopted it. The software is still widely popular and used for example by the Finnish Table Tennis Association.

What others say

  • Samuli is one of the most talented professionals I've had the honor to work with. With a stunning ability of making architectural decisions, he delivers elegant solutions to complex problems that leave others puzzled. Samuli also has strong social skills and is always prepared to offer assistance when it is needed. I cannot recommend Samuli highly enough.

    Lauri Harpf IT consultant and entrepreneur
  • Samuli does not stop to amaze me with his skill of grasping a complex problem domain and expressing it with simple and elegant solution. He seems to be able to solve even the most complex development problems very fast and accurately. He learns new design patterns in a matter hours rather than days. In my opinion Samuli is a great addition to any software development team as an architect.

    Panu Vuorinen Software developer

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